Wonderful Male Survey – Male Sexuality Myths

When it comes to cup size and bust size, many women who pursue breast augmentation do not realise that most of them are not small but rather considered as average. It is a fact that not many females have very small sizes and probably just as few are females whose sizes are considered big. Which brings us to this question: how do you know if you have an average breast size?

If your size is not too small and not too big, it pretty much means that you have an average breast size. The average usually means cups C or B in terms of cup and band size. D and DD refer to very big bosom sizes whereas AA and A categories are for those with very small cup sizes. 1% of women have DD size, 10% with D, 28% with C, 44% with B, 15% with A, 2% with AA where most females are 34B cup sized and the average breast weighs 1.1 lb based on studies conducted. B is clearly considered to be the average since it is a higher number compared to the other sizes. 34B (previously 34A) is also now becoming the size of most Asian women's breasts. Numerous influences and factors have contributed to the increase in breast size. The rise in plastic surgery is due to both synthetic and natural methods i.e. the increase does not always point out to the natural factors or breast enhancers.

The size of the breasts can be affected by both pregnancy and weight gain. Breast implants or diet, specific exercise and other natural breast enhancement methods are what women who have trouble increasing their bust size resort to. It is no surprise that females with smaller bosoms are considered by most people to be less attractive compared to females with average breast size.

Breastfeeding, age, hormones, weight, height and genes are factors that can predetermine breast sizes. The most crucial role in the process is technically played by genes. Breast sizes as well as other body features are dictated by genes. Shorter women generally have smaller breasts compared to a lot of women have are taller in height. The same can be explained for females who are heavier than others. The lack of sufficient amount of fat tissues to have bigger breasts is the reason why females who are underweight may also be less endowed since fat tissues make up most of the breast. It is obvious that not everyone can relate to this fact. Not every female is similarly affected by the same factor since no two female are exactly alike.

There are quite a number of male sexuality myths which confuse many people and influence their way of thinking. The sexuality perception is highly biased and people go out of their way to try and be attractive. One of such myths is that men like big breasts better than small ones. This has seen increased number of breast enlargement procedures in our theatre rooms today. A study carried out recently revealed that guys are fascinated by big bosoms. The analysis reflected that only 25% liked them large. Many girls have a misconception that guys like big breasts more than they actually do. It is no secret that men like well-endowed women but for them to find a woman attractive they also consider personality traits, intelligence, and symmetry.
Don’t we all think that men hate using condoms? It is among the male sexuality myths and so big a misconception to an extent that to show our love for someone, people avoid using protection off which this is a very risky move. They are used to save life but the truth of the matter the plastics are a pain in the neck for both men and women. For the women who lack enough vaginal lubrication, a condom is well lubricated and makes sex more enjoyable. For the woman, she is saved from painful intercourse and for the man there is no struggle to please the woman. Men love their lives as much as women do and that is why you will find a condom in every responsible man’s pocket.
Among the male sexuality myths is that all guys love watching pornography. Scientific research has shown that men are naturally sexually visual while women are reason oriented. During the research the head scans carried out revealed that the brain was very active when a man was watching sexual movies but women were not very much turned on. Men are visually stimulated and that is why they like watching their women dress or just looking at their physiology. This does not mean that the visual stimulation has to come from watching pornographic material. There are men who love watching women but find pornography distasteful or disgusting. Another sexuality myth concern men lying to solicit sex. Your mother told you that you should be weary of men because all that they want is to get you laid.
This is a one of the male sexuality myths because not all men are after sex but we can testify of some one who lied to us or our friends that they were not married. He was not planning to marry you so you concluded he wanted sex. Human beings lie all the time for different purposes. In fact a research carried out in the Texas State university revealed that people who are truthful have very difficult social lives. Men and women lie for different reasons. Guys lie to appear more impressive or appealing while women lie to save people from getting hurt. It is for a fact that men lie but not necessarily for sex. They might want your tender love and care even if it is for a while. They want you to think they are great and imagine they are bigger than what you think they are.