How to Get Bigger Breast Naturally – Safe, Very Effective & Low Cost Alternative to Breast Implants

How can you get breast enlargement without surgery? The first thing you should know is that all those herbs, creams, and pills that claim to increase your cup size are not scientifically proven to be effective. Some may even be dangerous for your health, as they don't need any clearance by the FDA. The only thing that the manufacturers of these products are increasing are their wallets. They prey on desperate women who want some cheap magic breast enhancement product, which simply doesn't exist. Well, if these pills, herbs, and creams don't work, what does? The Brava Breast Enhancement and Shaping System. No, I am not affiliated with them. After doing research on breast enlargement without surgery I came to the conclusion that this is the only alternative to breast enlargement without surgery. It is a bra with two elastic plastic cups for your breasts, which place constant pressure on them. Over time (in a period of 10-16 weeks), your breasts will increase in size by 1/2-2 cup sizes. Here are the pros and cons of this Brava product...


-You don't have to have surgery to get breast enlargement.

-You can expect an increase in cup size by 1/2 to 2.

-There are minor side effects.


-It is expensive. The average cost is $2,500.

-It is uncomfortable. You have to wear it 10 hours a day for 10-16 weeks straight. If you miss one day, you're going to have to add one more week of wearing it.

-Some women complain that they are embarrassed when they wear this device.

Are you happy with your breast size? A lot of women are not satisfied with their breast size, yet they don’t do anything about it. Why could that be? The truth is majority of women are not aware of simple and natural ways on how to get bigger breast naturally. Most just buy bras that are really uncomfortable just to make their breasts fuller. Worse, they opt to go under the knife and settle for silicone breasts.
Let us go back to why some women have small breasts. Aside from genes, hormones play a huge part in having big breasts. It is not your fault that your body did not produce all estrogen that you need. But the good thing is you can do something about it! Breast enlargement pill and creams stimulate your hormones to produce more, hence, result to bigger breasts. Now, isn’t that a good way on how to get bigger breast naturally?
These breast enlargement pills and creams have already amazed a lot of women. If you go through surgery, there will be a lot of pain, soreness, and the fact that your breasts are not “real.” But if you use enlargement pills and creams, your breasts did not only become bigger naturally, but you also do not have to experience all those shocking breast implants side effects such as infection, loss of sensation and rupture!
Unknowingly, there are ways on how to get bigger breasts naturally. And I want to stress that these are safe methods in enhancing breast size. Forget about surgery! You don’t have to undergo all those risks.
To begin with, you can try performing exercises to increase your bust. With proper breast exercises, the muscles will become bigger and fuller, thus enlarging your breasts as well. Of course, just like any exercise, you should always be careful. You do not want to lose too much fat in your breast, which will then decrease your breast size.
As what I have mentioned above, you can take pills and creams that are breast enlargement supplements. The role of these supplements is to enhance the production of estrogen in your body, which is responsible in making your breasts fuller and bigger. In lactating women, these supplements can help in increasing milk production for their babies.
Another form of supplement is herbal cream. It functions just like the breast enlargement pills and creams. It also increases estrogen in your body, thus increasing breast size. One precaution of herbal cream use is sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, make sure to try it at small amounts first and observe if you have any skin reactions with the cream.
Now that you know how to get bigger breast naturally, are you still looking into undergoing surgery?

Wonderful Male Survey – Male Sexuality Myths

When it comes to cup size and bust size, many women who pursue breast augmentation do not realise that most of them are not small but rather considered as average. It is a fact that not many females have very small sizes and probably just as few are females whose sizes are considered big. Which brings us to this question: how do you know if you have an average breast size?

If your size is not too small and not too big, it pretty much means that you have an average breast size. The average usually means cups C or B in terms of cup and band size. D and DD refer to very big bosom sizes whereas AA and A categories are for those with very small cup sizes. 1% of women have DD size, 10% with D, 28% with C, 44% with B, 15% with A, 2% with AA where most females are 34B cup sized and the average breast weighs 1.1 lb based on studies conducted. B is clearly considered to be the average since it is a higher number compared to the other sizes. 34B (previously 34A) is also now becoming the size of most Asian women's breasts. Numerous influences and factors have contributed to the increase in breast size. The rise in plastic surgery is due to both synthetic and natural methods i.e. the increase does not always point out to the natural factors or breast enhancers.

The size of the breasts can be affected by both pregnancy and weight gain. Breast implants or diet, specific exercise and other natural breast enhancement methods are what women who have trouble increasing their bust size resort to. It is no surprise that females with smaller bosoms are considered by most people to be less attractive compared to females with average breast size.

Breastfeeding, age, hormones, weight, height and genes are factors that can predetermine breast sizes. The most crucial role in the process is technically played by genes. Breast sizes as well as other body features are dictated by genes. Shorter women generally have smaller breasts compared to a lot of women have are taller in height. The same can be explained for females who are heavier than others. The lack of sufficient amount of fat tissues to have bigger breasts is the reason why females who are underweight may also be less endowed since fat tissues make up most of the breast. It is obvious that not everyone can relate to this fact. Not every female is similarly affected by the same factor since no two female are exactly alike.

There are quite a number of male sexuality myths which confuse many people and influence their way of thinking. The sexuality perception is highly biased and people go out of their way to try and be attractive. One of such myths is that men like big breasts better than small ones. This has seen increased number of breast enlargement procedures in our theatre rooms today. A study carried out recently revealed that guys are fascinated by big bosoms. The analysis reflected that only 25% liked them large. Many girls have a misconception that guys like big breasts more than they actually do. It is no secret that men like well-endowed women but for them to find a woman attractive they also consider personality traits, intelligence, and symmetry.
Don’t we all think that men hate using condoms? It is among the male sexuality myths and so big a misconception to an extent that to show our love for someone, people avoid using protection off which this is a very risky move. They are used to save life but the truth of the matter the plastics are a pain in the neck for both men and women. For the women who lack enough vaginal lubrication, a condom is well lubricated and makes sex more enjoyable. For the woman, she is saved from painful intercourse and for the man there is no struggle to please the woman. Men love their lives as much as women do and that is why you will find a condom in every responsible man’s pocket.
Among the male sexuality myths is that all guys love watching pornography. Scientific research has shown that men are naturally sexually visual while women are reason oriented. During the research the head scans carried out revealed that the brain was very active when a man was watching sexual movies but women were not very much turned on. Men are visually stimulated and that is why they like watching their women dress or just looking at their physiology. This does not mean that the visual stimulation has to come from watching pornographic material. There are men who love watching women but find pornography distasteful or disgusting. Another sexuality myth concern men lying to solicit sex. Your mother told you that you should be weary of men because all that they want is to get you laid.
This is a one of the male sexuality myths because not all men are after sex but we can testify of some one who lied to us or our friends that they were not married. He was not planning to marry you so you concluded he wanted sex. Human beings lie all the time for different purposes. In fact a research carried out in the Texas State university revealed that people who are truthful have very difficult social lives. Men and women lie for different reasons. Guys lie to appear more impressive or appealing while women lie to save people from getting hurt. It is for a fact that men lie but not necessarily for sex. They might want your tender love and care even if it is for a while. They want you to think they are great and imagine they are bigger than what you think they are.

How to Make Your Breast Larger

Most women think that an inadequate bust size actually makes them look to be unattractive and undesirable for men. With such situation, women nurture lots of complexes and at times, it makes them feel depressed. To enhance the size of their bust size, they choose to go for some breast implants. As of now, the surgery became popular not only among celebs, but with ordinary people too. However, some women are still afraid about putting their life at risk just to increase their bust size. They are even afraid of taking some devices. So, if you are one of these women, what will be the best bust enhancement alternative that they could get? Well, here are some of those that you might want to try:

Nowadays, lots of women decided to use herbal supplements for bust enhancements. It is even available in the form of pills, hormonal treatments and creams. Actually, herbal supplements could be your cost efficient solution, most especially if you would like to avoid surgery. By using such, you could expect for increase firmness with their busts. Herbal enhancers use special compounds with the hormone-like properties. The key-ingredient which is found in large number of herbal breast enlargement products is actually the saw palmetto. It is an herb, which is widely used in Europe that assists in treating benevolent enlargement of prostate. Most of the supplements contain synthetic form of estrogens that are similar in the composition as well as the function of the estrogens that are naturally produced to woman's body. Another advantage that you could get in using such is that, it offer you firm and even developed busts effectively and safely, as there is no adverse effects that is usually connected with surgical procedures.

Suction pumps works safely by enhancing, increasing as well as reshaping your bust tissue through the process of expanding the tissues around your breast. This thing also works be applying gentle as well as sustained tension around the breast. Thus, it causes cells around and helps in producing newest tissues. Eventually, it will lead you down into a modest as well as permanent increase in the bust size. However, you still have to use the suction method that can be obtain in the form of bra for about 12 hours everyday continuously for about 3 months.

Within the market, you could easily find lots of enhancement alternatives. The options are vast and it is already quite overwhelming when it comes in getting the one that suits you best. On the other hand, to ensure that you are only getting the genuine product, you need to get it into a reputable company or you can read reviews online or just read some product testimonials. With such, you could find whether the one that you opt to is of a good quality or not. Moreover, you also need to consider your budget, since most of it are somewhat posh and could get lots of money from you. So, you need to be practical, while getting the authenticated one.

If you need larger breasts, there are some certain foods that can do this magic. If you need to make your breast large fast, you need to complement them with exercises. A simple name to define the foods that will make your breast grow larger is protein.
Protein aids your breasts to grow larger in 2 major ways; it restores the body worn-out tissues and also maintains your blood sugar rate at the right level. The building blocks of protein which is referred to as amino acids join together to produce bones, skin, teeth, muscles and also breasts. You should bear in mind that protein is a cell and breast builder.
It is also known that protein has a breast enlarging effects on the rate of your blood sugar. If your body encounters a high blood sugar rate, it is going to result to higher insulin rate which is known very well to boost your testosterone.
If you must prevent the breast busting effects of testosterone, there is need for you to keep on eating the diets that will not affect your blood sugar rate in one way or the other. Protein works very well for this case due to the fact that it is a compound substance. When it has been absorbed by your body, it is released gradually into your blood stream, leaving insulin and testosterone rate very low.
Do you also know that everybody’s system can not retain protein? This implies that you need to take large amounts of protein all day round. What is the maximum amount that is okay? Majority of the dietitians suggest that sources of protein rich foods make up 30% of your everyday calories.
Some of the protein foods that are very effective in enlarging the size of your breasts are fish, eggs and meat. If you are vegetarians, there is still an option for you. Foods that are rich in protein like low fat diary, protein powder and beans can do.

Size Does Matter? Breast Implants Surgery

A very simple way in which you can enlarge your penis is by doing penis enlargement exercises. These exercises are very simple to use so men who use this will not find it difficult to understand. This method is definitely one of the fastest ways in which you can enlarge the size of your penis. Other techniques are normally very time consuming and results mostly show up after months. With these penis exercises you will see a difference in a matter of weeks and huge gains in just one month.

The reason why men want to get bigger is because size does matter. Ask any women if she would rather have a big or small penis, 9 times out of 10 a woman will always pick big. A bigger penis can hit more places and stimulate a woman's vagina in ways in which a small penis can not do. The thickness and length of your penis is very important if you are trying to make your partner have an orgasm. Men with smaller penises find it much harder to give their women orgasms because the size of their penis can not penetrate the vagina properly.

Even in our male circle of friends it is seen as a status symbol. For jokes, men sometimes poke fun of things that others find embarrassing, that is why you hear so many insults about smaller penises. Having a smaller penis is seen as being less manly because it does not have the necessary size to properly fill a women. You will never hear an insulting joke about a man having a big penis because men see that as a good thing. You could say that having a bigger manhood is like an alpha male mark in your circle because the bigger you are the more respect you get.

These exercises work by stretching the tissues and spliting the cells inside of your penis. The up and down motion you do with this method also helps the blood flow better from your penis giving you a harder, stronger and longer erection. The main method of penis enlargement exercises is called the jelq. The jelq is an ancient technique what has been used for many years to help increase the size of a lot of men's penis across the globe.

When you first start these exercises the first thing you have to do is warm up. Warming up is very important and it's something what should not be skipped or ignored. If you skip the warm up you risk very painful injury and soreness that is excruciating. Always remember to use a lubricant because lubrication makes the process so much more easier. The best type of lubrication to use when doing these exercises is Johnson Baby Oil because it gives you the space and mobility you need.

These exercises are to be only done for 8 minutes. A lot of men go overboard and start doing these intense exercises for 20-30 minutes. The reason why these penis enlargement exercises are so effective is because it is short and quick. The whole effectiveness goes out the window once you start overdoing it.

You will see a number of major results when doing these exercises. At the beginning the first results you will see is the increase in thickness and length. After a month you will also start to notice that your sex drive and sexual stamina has gone up by miles. By doing these very simple methods you get a number of results which will all help you in the bedroom.

Cup size, breast size, these are significant and valuable numbers to a woman. This is why so many women all over the globe aspire for a breast implant surgery – to increase their breast size or to get a better proportion of their breasts to their bodies. There are women who become obsessed with breast size – too big or not big enough.
A board certified plastic surgeon would advise you to set realistic expectations. Seeking an overly large size could create complications heading you towards further surgeries, longer recovery times, and higher costs. You must check out a good cosmetic surgeon to give you the realistic limitations of your body.
What size to go for?
Surprisingly, implants are not as large as natural breasts. An implanted cup D breast will in fact appear like a cup C. There is less probability about going overly big. Implants can be made to look natural, or they would appear fake, through several ways. The breast tissue quantity, form of your chest wall, your weight, other variations to your chest wall – these have an effect on the implants’ appearance. In fact, two people would exhibit different appearances of the same implant size because of individual variations.
Most probably, the surgeon’s office would have breast implants you can try on for size. These are commonly tried on under your bra. Just remember, if you are flat-chested, everything else will appear huge.
Be aware that breast surgeons do not discuss breast sizes in terms of cups. For clearer communication between you and your surgeon, take pictures of breasts you would like to use as a model, during your consultation. This will guide your surgeon on your surgical expectations and to give you feedback on the reality of these goals. Don’t forget that your implanted breasts will not come out looking like those pictures even if the pre-surgery photos are the same.
Important breast “trivia”
Bra shopping for implanted breasts can be rather remarkable. Studies reveal that the bigger majority of women buy and wear the wrong bra sizes. You can just imagine the ruckus implanted breasts would cause in this activity. Implants are generally inclined to be wider than natural breasts. That is why women with implanted breasts have to use a cup D because a cup C would not be wide enough.
Implanted breasts are also heavier than natural breasts, and saline weight differs from silicone weight. Two 300 cc saline breast implants are equivalent to 1.25 pounds while two 300 cc silicone breast implants are almost a pound and a half. Your surgeon should be made aware of any spinal issues or chronic back pain. These are important considerations for implant size and type of implant.

Safest Breast Enlargement Method – How to Extend Your Bust Line Naturally

Would you like to make your breasts bigger naturally at home? If you do, then you are at the right place. In this article, you will find out exactly how to make your breasts bigger naturally, without surgery or pills.

But, why do women want to increase their breast size anyway?

Because every woman wants to feel beautiful and attractive! Big busted women are considered very attractive according to our cultural ideals, which are portrayed in films and in the media. And the fact is that over 91% of women are dissatisfied with their breast size.

But, the main reason why women would like to increase their breast size is to attract the opposite sex. Men's fascination with big breasts is a well known fact. There are many theories about where this fascination is rooted. According to Freud, men are always looking for a mother figure and larger breasts remind them of breastfeeding.

However, there is reason to believe that this fascination is actually rooted in the fertility and the sexuality that big breasts can project. The epidemiologist Grazyna Jaxienska, conducted a study at Harvard University, and found that curvaceous (but not overweight) women are 3 times more likely to conceive than all the other body types. This happens because these women have higher levels of oestrogen. And when a man sees a woman with big breasts, he subconsciously thinks that she has good genes and she is the ideal sexual partner for him.

So, how can you increase your breast size?

First, forget about resorting to surgery and taking any pills. The reason is simple. Breast enhancement surgery is expensive and risky and breast enlargement pills simply don't work.

There are only 2 safe and effective methods you can use:

Breast Augmentation Exercises: These exercises can help you increase the firmness and cup size of your breasts, but they are also useful in flushing out harmful toxins from your lymphatic system and improving skin tone. For example, you can try the following exercise: Lie down on a mat, keeping your knees bent. Use 3lb-5lb weights. Stretch out your arms and slowly bring them together above your chest. Hold for a second and then slowly bring your arms down. Repeat at least 10 times and do this exercise 2 times per day.

Natural Bust Enlargement Serum: Our breast size is completely dependent on the production of estrogen from the pituitary gland. The problem is that there are only 2 periods when our bodies produce large amounts of this hormone: puberty and pregnancy. You could try taking pills that contain large amounts of estrogen, but they may involve health risks. On the contrary, a natural bust enlargement serum has a local effect and doesn't affect your overall health.

Looking for the safest breast enlargement method?
There are literally thousands of breast enlargement products in the market. Some of them include pills, creams, lotions, exercises etc., Unfortunately, a majority of them are either a waste of time and effort or are out rightly dangerous.
This is because some of them can contain chemicals or synthetic hormones. Chemicals can be really toxic for your system and can even lead to cancer and other serious problems. Synthetic hormones, on the other hand, can upset your endocrine system and lead to real serious health issues.
Exercises are safe but they are ineffective as far as increasing breast size is concerned. They can be effective in firming up your breasts but breast enlargement is out of their scope.
Surgery can be expensive and painful. Besides this, it can lead to other issues like scarring etc., Not just this, implants can leak or break and create extreme discomfort. Recovery time from surgical procedure can be months.
In such a case, the safest breast enlargement method is a 100% natural bust serum that is composed of herbal extracts and vitamins and contains no chemicals or synthetic hormones.
Herbs can be extremely effective in helping you get over various health problems and issues and it is no different when it comes to bust enlargement. Pureria Mirifica is a herb that grows in Thailand and has been used by the local women for hundreds of years to increase their breasts in size.
Now an extract of the same plant is being used to formulate a bust serum that works exceptionally well. Not just this, such a bust serum is also rich in Vitamin E that helps you get smooth and supple skin.
One of the most important advantages of such a serum is that it can ensure bust lifting within 7 days and which is great for women who experience sagging of breasts either duet to age or because of pregnancy and breast feeding.
Not just this, Mirofirm or extract of Pureria Mirifica stimulates growth by expanding fat tissues in your breast. What is really amazing is that it can ensure increase of up to a cup size within a few weeks. This can fulfill all your fantasies and can sure make you look more attractive. Larger breasts can help boost your confidence and self esteem.
Any women over the age of 21 can use such a bust serum. However, it is important to consult your doctor if you are pregnant before using any such product.
So, If You Want to Get Perkier and Larger Breasts, Check out the
that has Taken Breast Enlargement to a New Level!